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Fold the red flap, then punch a hole over the gray circles. The triangles represent the arrowheads, and the other shape represents the arrow fetching. Cut out the white parts of the shapes representing the arrow fetching. Adhere a piece of double-sided tape or glue to one of the paper pieces and place the toothpick onto the center. Assemble two bigger parts to a heart and stick them together with the toothpick. Adhere a piece of double-sided tape or glue to one of the triangles and place the bottom of the toothpick onto the center. You can also use the toothpick arrows as table decor or gift toppers.

Place the second paper piece on top and pinch both sides together, adhering them to the toothpick. Please note : After I made these tomato hearts, I saw (via Debbie Messmer's Pinterest) that something similar had already been done by Eye Candy Food Blog. Place the second paper triangle on top and pinch both sides together, adhering them to the toothpick. I hope you like these projects, and I wish you all a super happy Valentine's day!

When are you going to rise up from this miserable state?

Those persons, who, in spite of the knowledge of the non-existence of happiness, both in the past and in the present, in the baneful objects of the world, do yet entangle themselves in them with their thoughts clinging to them, deserve the appellation of an ass, if not a worse one.

If lust, which is the source of all enjoyments in this world, ceases, then all worldly bondage, which has its substratum in the mind, will cease.

One such book was "Practice of Brahmacharya" which dealt mostly with the subject of celibacy, and where celibacy was not possible, a regulated sex life. This apart, the Swamiji’s thoughts on the subject of sex and sex sublimation are also to be seen here and there spread over his voluminous writings. Young men of the present day indiscriminately imitate the West and this results in their own ruin. They lose their sense of righteousness, and of time and place. Lust ruins life, lustre, strength, vitality, memory, wealth, fame, holiness, peace, wisdom and devotion. Like rabbits he procreates and brings forth countless children to swell up the numbers of beggars in the world.By First Edition: 1934 Eighth Edition: 1980 First Revised Edition: 1988 Second Reprint: 1993 (5000 Copies) World Wide Web (WWW) Edition : 1997 WWW site: This WWW reprint is for free distribution The Divine Life Trust Society ISBN 81-7052-067-3 Published By THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY P. Shivanandanagar Instincts and appetites form a part of all life on earth.Sense impulses and biological urges are common to animal and man alike. The sex instinct is the greatest urge in human life.Sex is one of the prominent, most important and absolutely essential aspects of human, animal as well as plant life. Go wherever you like— Amsterdam, London or New York. Sex energy or lust is the most deep-rooted instinct in man. If he wishes to regain his lost divine state and Brahmic glory, his whole being must be transformed, his sex desire must be completely transmuted by sublime divine thoughts and regular meditation.

Sex is an integral part of life—human, animal and plant. Sex energy entirely fills the mind, intellect, Prana, senses and the whole body. The desire for money, the desire for a son, the desire for property, the desire for houses, the desire for cattle and other desires come later on. Transmutation of the sex desire is a very potent, efficacious and satisfactory way to realize eternal bliss. The minds of people are filled with sexual thoughts. The whole world is under a tremendous sexual intoxication. It is all fashion, restaurants, hotels, dinners, dances, races and cinema.Check it out for a step by step tutorial on how to form the heart.