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12-Jan-2020 07:35

To the left there was a river, about 100 mts down into a cliff. It was impossible to find a 3 square meter horizontal patch somewhere. Near a water source where I was refilling my bottles, I left it on the back of my bike. I did notice that I lost it after about 20 kilometers but than I just did a huge descent of a mountain and I really didn’t feel doing that descent again, but in the opposite way.. It is one of the many things I have already lost on this trip so far. Apparantly I keep track of the stuff that really matters. Danilo explained to me why it is that the Serbians dislike the people from Kosovo. Serbia and Bosnia, for example, where part of the Turkisch (Ottoman) empire for 500 years for instance.So I got a little hotel (that doesn’t cost much here = nice). This time on the big road and that means that you have to approach the whole thing quite differently. Some plugs with which I could charge my Ipod and my telephone, my ‘lightweight’ spoon that was a bolt at the same time, a bottle of fruit juice, the cover of my headphones and some other small stuff. It is the story of my life, me losing all kinds of things, so I try not to attach to much emotional value to my stuff, but that hat was pretty handy when it came to keeping the sun out of my eyes! And some people switched beliefs and are now moslim (from the original orthodox belief). I was simply inquiring which spam software system you use for comments as I get tons on my site.

After this reserve it was downhill for quite a while and when I reached the valley it started to rain. But somewhere, somehow, deep down I like that rain too in a way. On the way to Sarajevo I came across a camping (that are not widely available here in Bosnia) and since I could not make Sarajevo anymore anyway today I decided to put my camp up there. But the only thing I could find in that place was hotels, hotels, hotels for a minimum of E80,-. So I took one of these fancy hotels (which is nice as well of course, so now and then). A lot of gunshot marks in the flats (or so I thought: in Serbia I was told that this was most probably scars from Serbian artillery fire).

(small paths are usually a bit more up and down, but many times more rewarding and beautiful than big roads and also much less traffic).

I got into an unmatched number of tunnels on this path!

There is some validity but I will hold judgement until I look into it further. If you do not mind me asking, what's the name of this theme or could it be a custom affair?

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