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25-Jul-2020 06:08

Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks Zoey and Chase vow not to let their personal relationship suffer when they run against each other for class president, but the two soon discover that politics and friendship don't mix.Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks Logan tries to build the ultimate haunted house with lots of scares for Halloween.Absent: Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks Logan is cast as Zoey's love interest in the school play, a fact that irritates Zoey, but which really gets under the skin of Chase, who comes up with an outrageous scheme to steal the romantic role for himself.Zoey, Dana and Nicole help plan the school's Spring Fling, an event which has been totally lame in past years, but the girls are hoping to liven things up this time around by getting teen star Drake Bell to headline a concert.

Meanwhile, Dustin tries to earn himself enough cash to support his gummy worm habit.

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