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The art of dating, however, is slowly revealing your layers of crazy, like an onion. If you bring someone back to your place, hide the squeaky toys. #aintnobodygottimeforthat #probablywhyimstillsingle 10.

While you’re still in the “courtship” phase, it’s probably best to keep the CDL (crazy dog lady) levels to a 5. Once you’ve made it past the first couple of stages, you can reveal the “Pajamas of your own dog” side of you. How you talk to your dog when no one else is around is your business. “Y’all don’t mind if I just squeak this as loud as possible while you’re trying to get yourselves in the mood do you?

“It could be that couples who are more committed and already feel very positively about their relationship are those that decide to invest in the relationship to the pet,” she said.

And beware the cynics who might misuse this information.

If you’re anything like me, you are an introvert who loves the comfort of home and dogs and not having to interact with humans. Tell them to call you before the date and say something like “Stop finding reasons to cancel. Nothing worse than being on a great date, but also being totally distracted because you’re picturing your dog sitting there like: If you’re going to be spending the night out or coming home later than you thought you would because you’ve been swept away by the hooman of your dreams, make sure you can actually be present and not worried about your pup. If you’re on a dating app/website and the person doesn’t have a minimum of one dog picture in their profile, MOVE ALONG. Just saying, if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sure there is an article somewhere on the internet called “13 Dating Tips For Single Fish People”. If you meet IRL, find out whether they are a dog person early on in the conversation. DO: Use gifs to say cute things like “Can’t wait to see you” Or, “I miss you” DON’T: Use gifs to say important things like, “I’m feeling suffocated by this relationship and I’d like it to end”. Check their search history to make sure they’re not googling cats.

Here are some tips that may or may not come from lessons I have learned the hard way. As you can see here, the image on the left is correct. First of all, might I just say, if you DO meet IRL, congratulations. I know that kind of seems contradictory to the previous tip, but it’s one thing to make sure you’re on a date with a dog lover. One of them is their willingness to accept the blame for any and all farts. If you’re anything like me, you’re not so great in the “expressing emotions” department.

Frat houses have for years used the trick of adopting baby animals, from puppies to baby chicks to kid goats, to draw visitors.

Men or women could similarly “borrow” a friend’s dog for an afternoon walk to lure potential mates. Fisher comes down on the side of pet owners, who must devote a lot of time to their animals.

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There’s ample research to demonstrate that the messages sent by dog ownership influences others’ judgment and behavior.Another study found that when women heard vignettes about men who acted like “cads” who were uninterested in a long-term commitment, they rated the men more highly if they owned a dog.

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