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"We also had a professional relationship and it was such emotional manipulation to the point where it became physical, and it stopped before it got too far.

The second someone puts their hand on you, a boundary has been crossed. So he threw a phone at me and it shattered to pieces and he was screaming, punching the wall and cussing me out.

I'm very fortunate because I had people help me get this person out of my life, out of my house—like physically lock the door. So he threw a phone at me and it shattered to pieces and he was screaming, punching the wall, and cussing me out.

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"I thought I was stronger than that, and it can make you feel weak," she says.If anyone is feeling manipulated or abused, that's the best it's going to get and you have to fight for yourself now." "He showed up across the country at a meet-and-greet of mine and said he needed to talk to me," she said. Then he started bawling and said he's sorry and loves me.And then grab[bed] me by the wrist and pull[ed] me in a bathroom and lock[ed] the door." Debby explained that by the time she got out of the relationship, it "wasn't too late, but it was really, really late in the game," and hopes that her story can help others.She is also known for appearing in the 2008 feature film The Longshots as Edith.

In 2010, she starred in the film, 16 Wishes, which was the most watched cable program on the day of its premiere on the Disney Channel and one of the most watched movies on television.Her agent gave her the opportunities to be on the Suite Life on Deck.

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