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There are also two boys on So Random, there names are Nico (Brandon Smith) and Grady (Doug Brochu)...There is another girl called Zora (Allisyn Ashley Arm), who is extremely weird but funny at the same time.Also Chad Dylan is'nt just a random guy he is an actor on a show in the same building as so random, he stars in Macinzie falls.

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We’ll take a stroll down memory lane tomorrow and re-live that exciting time when we first got a peek of the amazingness that awaited us! The tiny Filipina pop singer played Sunshine Corazon in a recurring role on FOX’s As an article on the Salt Lake Tribune points out, there was also a time when David went to see Charice perform at a dance club in New York, and “had a small freak-out on Twitter” once he realized it was a gay club. Of course, as the Trib points out, he did his PR recovery with a “I have friends who are gay” line.A few years back both of them attended parties together, and on these occasions, both seem to be lovebirds.If you are short on time, vote for Nandito Ako & David Archuleta to keep them at #1! Keep watching twitter and Facebook for the announcement on Monday the 12th announcing the lucky fan is that will win a ticket to the Sounds of David Event in April, 2013.

If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, please consider attending – it’s going to be a really fun time!

For many of us, David has been that common thread, binding us all together in one big crazy, happy Archu Family.

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Usually rendered by female artists, they were an expedient way to hitch a ride on the coat tails of an existing hit. BEFORE THEY WERE STARS - Volume 1 Features rare and early recordings by your favorite stars! BEFORE THEY WERE STARS - Volume 2 Features rare and early recordings by your favorite stars! Includes tracks by the Shadows, Romeos, Du Droppers, Four Gents, Revlons and many others. BRING BACK YESTERDAY - Volume 4 Yesterday's music is what we grew up with and they should bring it back! Includes tracks by the Marcels, Echoes, Mystics, Jaytones and many others. DON'T HANG UP - The Rock 'n' Roll Answering Machine CD 80 different selections to personalize your answering machine! Sections are 'Oldies But Goodies', 'Pop & Bubblegum', 'Classic Rock'.… continue reading »

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With a dazzling, predominantly black cast; a compelling futuristic vision of a mythical African country untouched by colonial predation; a kickass regiment of bald female warriors; gorgeous men shrink-wrapped into panther suits; and a brilliant female scientist carrying the torch for the character Q of the James Bond series, there’s a lot to enjoy in Marvel's high-adrenaline adventure.… continue reading »

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