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So, again, exposure goes to the right and burial goes down.Although I have not made a systematic historiographic study of this phenomenon, I believe that the European style is largely just due to the fact that the “Cosmo Calc” software put together by Pieter Vermeesch does it this way.Nearly all the two-nuclide diagrams in the existing literature involve the normal implementation of the Al-26/Be-10 diagram, so anyone familiar with this literature expects exposure to go to the right on a tw0-nuclide diagram, and burial to go down.On the other hand, here is a Ne-21/Be-10 diagram from a very cool paper by Florian Kober and Vasily Alfimov: This figure has a lot of data in it that are beside the point from the perspective of this post, but the point is that it has the opposite axes: Be-10 concentration on the x-axis and Ne-21/Be-10 ratio on the y-axis.

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