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Chalky is feeling used and disrespected by everyone around him. We already know Narcisse hates women and thinks nothing of brutalizing them.

What’s more, Narcisse knows that Daughter is lying when she says Purnsley never showed up. Still, seeing the physical damage he did to Daughter was nauseating. When Chalky sees Daughter, his anger turns to fury.

Dean O’Bannon doesn’t pay him much, not even enough to go to Sears and Roebuck to get a house that fits together properly. That’s not a very good idea, especially not to those of us who know Mueller a little better than she does.

Also, Chalky’s oldest son seems to be getting good on the piano. She’s horrified when Richard Harrow shows up in the gallery.

I can’t help feeling that bodes ill for the current pianist at the Onyx Club. He’s staying home by his lonesome, thinking about pool, loss, gambling, and how goddamn poor he is. Julia gives more compelling testimony, but the judge is not cool about the fact that she’s not married.

Gillian Darmody is clean and sober, taking in some sun on the beach with her beau, Roy Phillips.

She tells him the story of when she was first taken to The Commodore and raped.

Chalky White knows better, so they disagree on what should happen next.

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