Dating soldiers and their homecoming dating after death of a spouse

28-Oct-2020 12:16

” For many Vietnamese, 30 April 1975 marked a joyous day after 20 years of death and destruction at the hands of both indigenous and foreign fighters.

But for a significant number of children fathered as a result of rape by South Korean soldiers, it was the start of a living hell.

So, it was with bewilderment he was suddenly jolted from his happy daydreams by a sharp kick from a victorious Communist soldier.

“Your father was a dog, boy,” bellowed the stockily-built man, “Now run!

Mr Nhat recalled: “Before April 1975, I had been treated well by the South Korean troops who lived on the base near my home in Phu Yen Province, central Vietnam.

I was still too young to have any real sense of my identity and hadn’t yet questioned my mother about why I looked different to other Vietnamese children.

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Suddenly, I knew I was dangerously different.” A period of painful bullying ensued in school. The other children kept asking who my father was and called him a 'dog'. “I was 18 when my mother finally sat me down and told me she had been raped by Korean soldiers - not once but three times.Helicopters and bombs were a part of our everyday lives. “During my nursing shift, I went home to take a lunchtime nap. Catching her breath between sobs, she explained: “The father of my first-born child returned to South Korea but sent another soldier to my house on the pretence of checking up on the baby.A South Korean commander from a nearby base appeared in my room and started hugging me. Once again, this man moved towards me holding me tightly before pulling me down to the ground and raping me on the floor.South Korean troops were not alone in their exploitation of civilian women but their country has never acknowledged the allegations or taken steps to investigate.

In 1987, the Amerasian Homecoming Act resettled the children of American soldiers in the United States.“I still cry in silence in the dark - for my children and for myself.

How much will be awarded depends on the laws of your state, the needs of each spouse, and the spouse's ability to pay spousal support.… continue reading »

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