Dating sexually abused women

23-May-2020 02:01

But I can tell you this from the bottom of my heart, my current wife and late wife, both victims of childhood sexual abuse, are two of the finest women I've ever known, and being a part of each of their lives has been a wonderful blessing for me. It will NEVER be overcome without professional therapy.

It should be noted, especially in this particular thread, that I didn't meet these women until they each were in their 40s, so they both had 30 years to recover from the abuse before I knew them. I found out about her being abused bi her step-grandfather when she was 10 only two weeks before our marriage.

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One day she threw a full can of soda that hit him in the head. You cannot fix the broken wings on every bird and fly off happily ever after. She was absolutely the best woman a guy could have. She was a single mom living on a dirt road in a one room home on welfare. My life has been a mess ever since I said, "I do." You had better take my advice and apply it or you WILL be a miserable man!!!! I must say, it saddens me to see so many people prejudiced against abuse victims. So many victims feel as though they're damaged merchandise, and now I'm seeing that others also believe that.

Her mother and brother live in an extension to my house.

She never mentioned a word about any previous abuse to me.

I have never laid a hand on her and have tried my damdest.

I have fallen in love with someone else and came back because she could not cope and neglected our children.

To add insult to injury, I've recently come to find out that this woman I married is most likely a lesbian... I'd have supported her bisexuality had she been honest - she already knew about mine and there was no dishonesty, concealing or cheating there.

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