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24-Aug-2020 14:22

Many, but not all, of these men also identify with the trauma repetition group.7. Some people find themselves addicted to sex and will do anything to get it; it is their drug of choice.

They may identify as heterosexual, but their drug-seeking behavior outweighs their sexual orientation.8. Some people are only out for their own sexual satisfaction and don't care about other people.

But on the other hand, as someone who is bisexual (and claimed being straight while hooking up with men for 5 years), I also know the power of self-deception, deep-rooted internalized homophobia/biphobia, confusion, and the fear of using the labels “bisexual” and “gay.” All of that said, here are 17 reasons self-identified “straight” men hook up with other guys.

So let’s start with the most likely and obvious explanation that I was touching on in the introduction.

”Through my work with sexually addicted people, I have encountered a group of men who identify as heterosexual (they are attracted to and want relationships with females), but act out sexually with anonymous men.

" Before age 25, it's too early to answer this question with certainty.

I know of a few fishy queens (someone who can pass as female when in drag) who sleep with straight guys, like all the damn time. Now, these queens identity as gay men (not trans women), but because they look feminine (and gorgeous) in drag, many “straight” men sleep with them.

We’ve all had at least one sexual experience where we’ve hooked up with a self-identified “straight” man.

While I’m unbelievably hesitant to call these men “straight” instead of closeted gay or bisexual, I believe there can be some reasons why self-identified “straight” men do have sexual relationships with other men.

From those who believe, "If you have one homosexual experience, you are gay" to those who believe, "if you embrace the gay lifestyle and are living it openly, you are gay." Those definitions are pretty far apart, if you ask me.

The research done in the 1950s by the Kinsey Institute stated that most people were on the spectrum somewhere between heterosexual to homosexual.

With the Internet exposing people to new ways of acting out their sexuality and redefining their sexual orientations, there is much to learn in the coming years.

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