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05-Nov-2019 14:28

The only advantage to this is taking naps or reading a book on the D. During these long bus trips, I've been hankering a craving for Persian food.It is a nice change from all the Holiday themed meals around me.I don't drive to work but these days the traffic in the city is a "daymare"/nightmare.It takes more than an hour to get to work and back home. I wish I could do something more fruitful with these wasted hours traveling, though naps are most welcome.David Polow has been a foreclosure mediator in many foreclosures and can help both a lender and a borrower with the mediation process with the goal of either a loan modification or a completion of the foreclosure.

This recipe was adapted from New Persian Cooking by Jila Dana -Haeri with Shahrzad Ghorashian.To soothe my cravings, I figured that a foray into Persian cooking might just be what the doctor ordered.

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