Dating other races

29-Nov-2020 09:50

I’m not sure what the weather’s like in your neck of the woods, but those woods look like this out here: Before you seek out a warm body for your bed, please make sure he or she isn’t an utter disappointment. Send your inquiries to [email protected], or find me on Twitter @etbowser. Here’s today’s question: It’s 2015 and y’all are still out here fussing about melanin levels? Complaining about who someone else is dating like it’s any of your business. When black men – arguably the most stereotyped and subjugated minority group in the country – see black women dating outside their race, they, once again, feel shunned.

There are about 50-eleven more important issues – like why we still haven’t received those hoverboards and self-lacing high-tops Back to the Future Part II promised us. When society is constantly telling you you’re not good enough, only to see “your women” also turn their backs on you, it’s painful.

One interesting thing is to compare what you see above with what those same users have And yet the underlying behavior has stayed the same.

You can use other online data to see this split personality play out elsewhere.

The color is there to make the big trends easy to see. Ok Cupid users are certainly no more open-minded than they used to be. Here are the numbers for 2009 till now — view each graph below to move through time.

These numbers reflect different people year-to-year. Together the charts fold in data from some 25 million accounts.

Today’s world is an increasingly different place than it was even 20 years ago.

But as a whole, our mindsets are far slower to change than the very ground beneath our feet.

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Our cultural experiences are a strong tie, but they’re not the sole bond that keeps us together.

It’s the woman herself that makes this relationship unbreakable.

Sure, race is a factor in nearly every major factor in our society, but it’s not the ONLY factor.

I’m on a roll, gimmie another question: I never bought into that “you can’t help who you love” mentality, sorry Ledisi.

Love is more than a carnal emotion – if that was the case, we’d be going around humping everything that moves. Love isn’t just raw emotion, it’s also a well-thought out decision. Now sure, you may fall in love with someone who doesn’t return the sentiment, but that’s another issue.Finding someone who loves you unconditionally is the biggest hurdle.

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