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When asked for payment, I looked up into the chiseled face of the photo booth employee. He collapsed to the ground, put his head in his hands and kept repeating over “I’m so, so sorry”. Once I had demoted Alex to the “Boys to Roll With” category I felt better because there were no expectations, only fun.He was smiling at me in a way that I felt like buttoning my collar up. It was getting a little awkward at the counter since one guy was making eyes at me while another guy’s arm was around my waist. As I drove away, I glanced toward the store and saw Hunkster beaming at me. I tracked down the list and found my name near the bottom. Unaffected, I crumpled up the list and threw it at his pathetic form and slammed the door. Afterwards I was actually amused by the whole situation and today I think it is hilarious.I had been burned before while dating a guy above my score level.There was a convenient little photo shop by BYU campus that I would occasionally use to develop my film.Halfway through the date, I realized that this guy was neither a stalker nor confidently self-assured at all. Nanoha STkiss is a Magical Girl Ly*ical Na*oha Striker S production.And just like that…Parke was gone (out of the state, but not out of mind).His presence still lingered on my clothes and on the balcony and in my car and in the air. However, the word “infatuation” cheapens what I was feeling. After such a magical weekend, our separation through the summer seemed like an eternity.

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