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Michael's Mount in Cornwall is now considered more likely.referring to the future emperor Vespasian, who "proceeded to Britain where he fought thirty battles, subjugated two warlike tribes, and captured more than twenty towns, besides the entire Isle of Vectis". A gloss on an 1164 manuscript of Nennius equates Old English wiht with Latin divorcium, which has encouraged writers to think that the island sits like a lever (Latin vectis) between the two arms of the Solent.This might suggest that the meaning is something like "daughter island" or "little companion"; however if Germanic languages were not widely spoken in Britain during the Roman era, as has been the consensus, then they would be an unlikely source for the Latin Vectis.However more recently it has been argued that the inhabitants of southern Britain at this time may indeed have been Germanic, The Romans occupied southern Britain, including the Isle of Wight, for nearly four hundred years.

The coins and ingots from these hoards had been defaced before burial, for reasons that are unknown; this feature has only been found in coin finds from Hampshire and Wight.

According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, Cerdic and his son Cynric conquered the island in 530.

The Chronicle states that after Cerdic died in 534, the island was given to his nephews Stuf and Wihtgar.

The Romans built no towns or roads on the island, but it became an agricultural centre, and at least seven Roman villas are known.

When fully developed around 300 AD, Brading was probably the largest on the Island, being a courtyard villa with impressive mosaics, suggesting a good income was being made from the agricultural produce of the island.

Bede describes the invasion of the island in 686 (noting that Bede was writing fifty years later, and some of his dates are considered approximate) by Caedwalla, a Wessex King.

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