Dating events london

09-Feb-2020 06:51

“Studies have shown that raising our adrenaline levels increases how attractive we find other people.Mild fear gets our hearts pounding, making our bodies think it’s our partner who’s getting us excited.In tests, couples who watched a scary film together displayed more affectionate behaviour afterwards than couples who watched a comedy.” Andy Nyman, Ghost Stories creator says: “There is no doubt that Horror has all the ingredients for the perfect date.The ‘fear factor’ raises the nerves and lowers people’s defences, automatically making people more chatty and giggly.

“Two friends of mine who just got married had their first date at Ghost Stories! Come and have a scream, who knows where the fear will take you.” Tickets cost £35 and can be purchased at match.Notes for editors About the Ghost stories event What: Ghost stories singles event When: Thursday 2nd October Where: Attendees will meet at Verve bar for a free cocktail between 6pm-7pm.The show will start at 8pm and will be followed by drinks at Verve bar.