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The GWS then wrote to their local MP Ed Vaizey, and placed any long term development plans on hold.Today the GWS have developed the site, which still retains many of the original GWR buildings and features, as both a working steam locomotive and railway museum, engineering maintenance centre, and railway line offering short rides to visitors.Members of the Great Western Society are active in the preservation of locomotives and rolling stock.Certain 'new-build' projects to create locomotives that did not escape wholesale scrapping are also undertaken at Didcot, such as the completed Firefly locomotive, a 'Saint' class (using a 'Hall' class chassis and boiler) and a 'County' class locomotive (using a 'Hall' class chassis and an LMS '8F' class boiler).The standard allocation of locomotives remained the same, with Halls, Dukedogs and Panniers making up the bulk of the depot's fleet.The Great Western Society (GWS) was offered the use of the former Didcot locomotive depot, taking it over in 1967.

The centre regularly holds events such as steam and diesel railcar days.

Although this contravenes the Disability Discrimination Act, the Great Western Society is unable to improve it since the site is owned by Network Rail. One of the Barry Ten, it was purchased in 2010 to provide parts for the construction of the new-build GWR 4700 Class No. After donating its axleboxes and fourth axle to the project, it moved to Didcot in 2013 following storage at a private site.

Currently on display in ex-scrapyard condition as a reminder of the challenge that preservationists had to conquer.

The founders and commercial backers of the GWR supported Isambard Kingdom Brunel's schema to develop an integrated railway and steam-ship service which allowed trans-Atlantic passengers and freight quicker passage to and from London to New York City.

However, whilst backing the scheme the railway had to make a profit, and so it took a number of detours and added both mainline and branchline traffic to increase its domestic earnings.

With shed code DID, it also included a repair shop (84 by 42 feet (26 m × 13 m)), coaling stage (43 by 36 feet (13 m × 11 m)), sand furnace (10 by 10 feet (3.0 m × 3.0 m)) and 65 feet (20 m) turntable plus associated offices (210 by 15 feet (64.0 m × 4.6 m)).

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