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At the centre of the kingdom was a small good-natured white Maltese dog named Daisy, who slept on a silk cushion next to her mistress and whose needs were paramount.Referring to the dog, Taylor once said: ‘Sometimes I think there is a person in there,’ and she wasn’t altogether joking. Her favourite occupation was to get out her fabulous collection of glittering jewels and tell Daisy the romantic story behind the origin of each piece.Can’t wait to be your Mrs.,' she wrote, before finishing off the post with a diamond and diamond ring emoji.Sterling's own post was shorter, but while expressing his love, also included a clever pun: 'the catch of my dreams...can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you!She was Dame Elizabeth to everyone, even her nearest, dearest and closest companions.But then, right to the end, the Dame was gutsy, spoiled, foul-mouthed and toweringly sentimental.

And she was never, ever, ever to be referred to as Liz.For the last decade and a half of her life, the great screen legend lived in reclusive, eccentric splendour.