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The guy with which you can laugh until you pee (a little), share the same sense of humor, and have tons of things in common.Oftentimes, he’s been sitting under your nose, and you didn’t even know it.A man who is deeply connected with God’s Spirit oozes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness and self-control, which are exactly the ingredients that a good relationship is made of.Find a Jesus Lovin’ Man…because he’ll know how to love you in return.As you work on yourself- find a man who is also taking the time to heal, to grow, and to change into the best version of himself.(For much more on this, check out Section 1 of The Deep(ish) Guy I get it, not every man out there enjoys discussing psychology, philosophy, and theology.And that’s totally fine…but find a guy who is willing to get “deep” regarding the things that interest you.Find a guy who is willing to share his heart with you, because that is the deepest and most meaningful thing of all.

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And not every guy out there is cultured in music, art, and theater.

The Family-Man-Guy Many of us don’t know if we want family, or if we’ll even be able to have a family.

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