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01-Apr-2020 13:22

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It has abandoned hope of finding survivors and is concentrating only on finding the vessel.In the last message from the submarine, it reported that seawater had entered the ventilation system, causing a battery on the diesel-electric vessel to short-circuit and start a fire. Today's International Women's Day, which means that, if you've got some special women in your life, give them a little extra attention, love and remind them how unique they are. We give you guys a lot of different Instagram models to gawk over every single day, but it's always awesome when we can actually sit down and talk with one of the ladies to pick their brain a bit... That also happens to describe Emily Lyons, who's a model and...As much as we all want it to, winter's still here — and we're not quite sure when it's going to end.While you've sat shivering in your garden trying to convince yourself that the sun will come out...When it comes to how people view Jennifer Lawrence in Hollywood, it's a pretty mixed-bag.Take me for example, at first, I didn't like her at all — she just rubbed me the wrong way, like Gwyneth...

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Experts said the crew only had up to 10 days of oxygen if the sub remained intact under the sea.We all know that busty model Lindsey Pelas is one of the most jaw-dropping Instagram women on the planet, boasting more than 5.8 million followers, so it's no shock to hear she gets hit up all the...