Dating advice for women in college

03-Dec-2019 17:37

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If this is the case for you, sit next to the hot girl. When I look at feedback forms from Love Systems training, one very common thought is “I wish I knew all of this when I was in college.” Not “ Pick up a student newspaper once in a while and check out the flyers in the student activity building, and you’ll be able to choose from dozens of good possibilities.

I don’t care how freaking awkward it is when you climb over 12 people to get to the empty seat beside her. Too many guys think that you have to show how cool and young and active you are in order to pick up younger women. The question shouldn’t be: “Am I young and cool and active enough for you?

Since the school was heavily greek, there wasn’t a lot of socializing with people who weren’t greek, if you happened to be in a frat and sorority. I found it too “difficult” to meet other people not involved in Greek life and it massively stinted my opportunities for meeting new women.

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And when you work at a restaurant or bar there is an “industry scene” that you can be part of that is built right into your work.People in this scene go out all the time, hook up with each other and become friends.Unfortunately, I didn’t learn this until I was a senior in high school and it was too late at this point.And that sometimes means different friends for different things.

In a lot of courses, you can sit where you want on the first day but wherever you sit, you’re stuck there for the whole semester. It’s the single best opportunity most men ever have to pick up women in high quantities and quality.

There will always be people ahead of you, however it’s best to use that as inspiration for what’s possible instead of coming down on yourself.