Dating advice at

29-Mar-2020 22:04

A few weeks of this went with her trying to make a connection, but I still think she's playing me.

Eventually she got a BF and is making a big show of him on social media.

Regardless of the outcome I’m happy for myself that I took this small step. Not responding to texts, bringing up plans then constantly postponing when I tried to initiate them.

I will update the post if she is at the training tomorrow and I ask her out. I've thought about the advice posted here and yes, maybe it is a little quick to ask her out during the 2nd training. Trying to make me jealous "guys at my other job keep trying to date me, but i'm like no thanks" and flirting with customers in front of me.

In the 1hr we spent in each others company maybe each person said about 5 things and related to work only.

A part of me has been content with this, cause I’m more into getting laid than getting a BF right now.