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22-Feb-2020 17:16

She would then return on subsequent days to make additional four-figure withdrawals until the account was nearly empty.

As soon as Elrod would exit First Community with a bundle of and 0 bills in her purse, she’d hang a right and walk across the parking lot to Ridgeview Plaza, a vast and featureless shopping mall surrounded by scraggly woods.

It is a cliche of sex and sexuality that each new generation shocks the last.

Since time immemorial society has been constantly becoming more liberal, having more sex, with more people and in more outlandish ways; leaving the generation above clutching its pearls and expressing horror at the debauched youth they have raised.

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Following the financial crash, millennials work longer hours, in less secure work and are more likely to live with flatmates or family members amid soaring rents. When you're a young adult living with your parents, it's harder to have sex.

Even though the recession is over, more young adults are still living with their parents.

It's like being a young teen again, trying to figure out where to get some privacy.

I think it's probable that we're having fewer sexual partners, rather than less sex per se, which I imagine is partially due to growing up in a post HIV generation who are nervous about the dangers of sex.” Other possibilities could be that bravado and stigma about not having ‘enough sex’ meant young people were previously exaggerating or puffing up their sexual histories to researchers and this has now stopped amid lessening shame, thereby indicating a drop in the data where more honest and accurate answers are emerging.

Regardless of the reasons, research suggests the trend is here to stay for now at least, with data plateauing at these low levels and no return spike yet emerging.Another characteristic which is increasingly defining them however, is this- they aren't really having much sex.

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