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18-Oct-2019 22:46

I like to have the code checked into version control and not have to explore the derived data directory to see what is happening.i have a very complicated problem that i would like to share with you and maybe someone can answer it for me.Also let me know if I have not followed good practice in this code. Project #import "View Controller.h" #import "Database Manager.h" #import "Walks.h" @interface View Controller () @property (strong,nonatomic) NSArray *walks; @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UITable View *table View; @end @implementation View Controller @synthesize table View = _table View; @synthesize walks = _walks; -(void)view Did Appear:(BOOL)animated - (void)view Did Load - (void)did Receive Memory Warning - (IBAction)add Action:(id)sender -(NSInteger)table View:(UITable View *)table View number Of Rows In Section:(NSInteger)section -(UITable View Cell *)table View:(UITable View *)table View cell For Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path -(BOOL)table View:(UITable View *)table View can Edit Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path -(void)table View:(UITable View *)table View commit Editing Style:(UITable View Cell Editing Style)editing Style for Row At Index Path:(NSIndex Path *)index Path @end // // Database Manager.m // Dog Walk // // Created by Nilesh Agrawal on 11/9/14. The setting is per-entity and has three possible settings: This is the pre-Xcode 8 behaviour as described above where you need to manually create the subclass or use the .If you open an older Core Data project in Xcode 8 it sets the code generation to Manual/None.

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We’ll discuss in depth how Core Data works behind the scenes, how to get great performance, the trade-offs between different Core Data setups, and how to debug and profile your Core Data code.I want to know if a future version of Xcode decides to change something.For now I think I will stick to manually creating the files.The subclass and properties extension/category are created as above with one big difference.

Xcode creates the files as part of the Xcode derived data for the project (see below).

Starting with Xcode 8 you can go an extra step and have Xcode automatically create the subclass and property files for the Core Data model entities.

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