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24-Jun-2020 08:47

And it’s hard – esp when everyone’s getting free money/trips/etc all around us just for opening up an account!

All goes back to priorities and what’s important to ya though… Reply I won’t move my banking away from USAA, but mortgage stuff I would in a heart beat from Chase (or even my HELOC that’s maxed w/ USAA).

So lots of accounts open for sure, but 6 of them are insurance related (man we pay a lot for stuff we hope never occurs…). Even then I gave a lot of accounts because of how I have my finances set up.

Overall I’d say we’re doing pretty good in condensing, would you agree? I’m sure I’ll refine things as life and circumstances change (like w/ the recent USAA to Vanguard switch when I realized that it would save me tens of over my lifetime), but for now I’m sitting in peace and quiet and loving it. I keep my rental unit income/expenses in a separate chequing and savings account each automatically makes me gave two more, and another access card.

), but the streamlining of everything is by far the best benefit they offer in my opinion. And if you thought USAA fans were rabid, you should hang out with Bogleheads! They’re rock stars at fixing erroneous charges when dumb companies try to screw you (*ahem* U. Airlines), as well as offering great additional insurance when renting cars and the like. Our Virginia 529 college savings – that’s mainly because they offer state tax deductions when you pour in the money (yipee!

Though their car insurance rates are pretty pimp too. That’s because I moved – and merged – every last one of my investment accounts I had over to them earlier this year due to their crazy low fees. The rest of the institutions listed were either out of my control (our mortgage got sold to Chase) or because USAA didn’t offer what I needed. They say they’re always considering it, but my inside sources say not to hold my breath, so… ) as well as letting you invest into Vanguard funds (double yipee!

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Yeah they have excellent customer service and a pretty killer online portal too (they were the first to pioneer depositing checks via smart phone btw!

When things are simple and streamlined you often give up things like rate chasing and credit card churning. My work pension is through another portal with Sun Life, and although I totally love the lower fees, I know it’s going to get confusing over the tears when I start new jobs and change retirement vehicles.

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