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23-Feb-2020 19:55

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People who are faced with the harsh reality of raising children are usually not prepared to handle the responsibility. They then reject their children and neglect to provide any kind of financial assistance for them.The mother is ultimately left alone to juggle the task of raising the children and earning all or most of the family income needed to support them.From the rat-infested housing where they live to the poorly equipped schools that they attend.Low class is the word that describes their lives and their potential to become productive citizens.Many people believe that the implementation of sex education in schools and the addition of more federal aid for single parents are major causes for the country's high rate of teen pregnancies.When the true purpose of sex education and federal aid is to help strengthen the mother and her child so that they can eventually lead productive lives.The absence of a father figure in the home brings about a chain reaction of dilemmas.

" They subconsciously want to make up for the affection that they didn't receive from their fathers."Forty-one percent of these mothers have never been married (Hinckely, 1998)."Most teen mothers have to rely on government aid like Welfare, W. C, Focus Hope, project housing, and Medicaid as relief.These children are automatically placed in the lower class.

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This is a powerful term because it encompasses every aspect of these children's lives.It seems unfair that these children have to suffer for the mistakes of their parents.