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When I first got there the BX and Finance and Base Theater was in the same compound as 7th AF. id=102543 about Agent Orange and the leathel legacy that it's left behind. Comments: Dear Sir, I need help in finding airmen who worked in the precision photo processing lab in Jan and Feb 1968.

Or if there is any records, maybe you could direct me to them. " I hope everyone is here next year Jim Gropper Can you hear the sound of distant drums? Can you stand your post in battle As many brave souls have done before And never once forsake your Brothers Can you fill the boots they wore?

We attended the same elementary, middle and high schools.

Upon graduation we went our separate ways, me in the Air Force and Karl to college.

I bring this up to say, let's remember the ones who are serving today and are away from home.

They are experiencing the same feelings we did 40 odd years ago.Also had the job of updating the big wall directory for 7/13 AF's. I lived in the compound that the base Chapel was located.