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I'm so happy we're doing this." There was a brief pause and Lena sighed, "How do you do that? There was then a long, awkward silence, which Maggie tried to break before being interrupted, "So, erm-" "This is my girlfriend! Then she blushed, "But you already knew that." "Yeah, we did." Maggie grinned, nudging her grumpy girlfriend, "Relax Baby Danvers. "Okay, be right back." Kara promised her guests, but mostly her girlfriend. oh God." "Just breathe honey." Maggie said soothingly.

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I do not make any money from the writing of this story. "It wasn't that many." Alex grumbled, letting the magazine fall down to the table as she quickly interrupted Kara as her sister opened her mouth again, "I counted." "You counted? " Alex exclaimed, "Maggie is not allegedly the black sheep of a family at war with mine." "To be fair it isn't the entire Luthor family. Even though I'm the one who's bullet-proof." "Yeah, but you have a big glass heart, which I don't want to see broken." Alex quickly butted in." "I can't not." Kara beamed, "Talking just made me realise just how badly I need to tell her. Which is something I can literally do." "Well try to refrain." Alex grumbled, before admitting, "But I get it. You're happy with yours." Kara grinned, "Speaking of which, Lena had a great idea, which I think might help you trust her." "What, a double date? "Yeah..." Kara admitted, "But I was thinking we could do better." "How? "We can make it a triple date." Kara grinned excitedly.* "You're so cute when you're nervous." Kara said dreamily after a few minutes of watching her girlfriend fuss over every little thing they had prepared together.So she avoided the temptation to add tongue, and instead pulled back and stroked Lena's face. If it was on one of the billion friendship dates we had, or right from the start, but I started falling for you. " Lena raised an eyebrow, moving out of Kara's personal space. And as long as you keep her happy we'll be all good." "Alex! Please, you've got nothing on us." "We're adorable." Alex added. Mostly because of Clark's second job as Superman, but also because their romance had always been a will they, won't they kind of a situation, and at times things were very tense. " "Wow, I've never seen you like this." Kara said softly.

"You're not going to lose me." Kara promised softly. " "I promise." Kara quickly obliged, "I, I love you." With a sad smile Lena told her, "You don't have to say it back just because I said it." "No, I mean it." Kara insisted, "I love you. I thought it was just intense friendship, but now I just feel stupid for thinking that, because the way I feel about you was so obvious in retrospect. "All I want is for my sister to be happy." Alex sighed, feeling awkward as she added, "And you make her happy. Despite that Kara had always been jealous of what they had, which was still true even though she felt she finally found someone to love as much as they loved each other. "It's Mon-El." Clark sighed, "You've got to take him back." There was a deafening silence and then Kara exclaimed in disbelief, "What? come in." Kara beckoned in confusion, and then when the other couple were safely inside and the door was closed she turned to Lois and asked, "What is he talking about? Which of course means he causes more problems than he actually solves. "I thought you said he didn't have an ego." Maggie whispered to Alex, only hesitating for a second as she knew the Kryptonians would hear, but it was unlikely she would have anything to fear from Superman.

Then she remembered they had an audience, which included her sister. " Kara giggled, turning to her girlfriend and holding her free hand up for a high five, causing Lena to roll her eyes slightly but ultimately oblige. Kara laughed, untangled herself from Lena and strolled towards the door.

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