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It's like gambling: The hope of winning is so strong and motivating, you don't even realize you're losing most of the time.4.Those swipes can seriously affect your self-esteem With fewer avenues to receive validation about my attractiveness, I sincerely began to believe my looks had declined (at the tender age of 25, I know).Once I let go of the motivation to be coupled up, I lost that sense of urgency because I realized that being single is not unpleasant.

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When they did, second dates were rare and thirds were almost unheard of.

Between the thrill of receiving a notification and the game-like aspect of swiping, I was no longer even making the conscious choice to engage in it.

I felt like a lab rat mindlessly chasing its next pellet of food.3.

During the times I slipped on my hiatus and went on OKCupid, I realized I felt a sense of dread as the homepage loaded because I associated the site with disappointment and rejection.

I hadn't even noticed these feelings before because they were overridden by the hope that I'd get that rare good message.And that's probably why I met the right person shortly thereafter.

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In a community-based study, Pernanen (4) found that 42 percent of violent crimes reported to the police involved alcohol, although 51 percent of the victims interviewed believed that their assailants had been drinking. … continue reading »

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