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I like this very much because it automatically saves a picture to your local folder system (camera roll) without needing to upload it to the cloud first if you don't want to. They are either limiting the app to force Onedrive onto people, or they just want a copy of everything you scan for the records.You don't need this app to be connected to an account in order to use it. Note that if I could save pdfs locally I would rate this app at 5 Ever since I first attempted at capturing a moment of television on film, I wished for something like what this app does to exist..considering I found it because of my boyfriend & first used it to document proof of his cheating, it never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for making me a successfully insane girlfriend! Cam scanner is better but not as built into the windows phone ecosystem as this app.With easy upload to You Tube it also has integrated HDMI connectivity, so users can view their footage on HD ready TV sets without any loss of detail.

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