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It’s really a loss for sure and I feel for his family too. It’s kind of nuts, I’m sure you’ve been to music festivals of recent. It’s basically that but for art – which I am totally down far.

How long have you been into art, when did you start? For as long as I can remember, I have been drawing things, writing things down and externalizing emotional circumstances. If I was sick or something and didn’t know what to do about it, I figured out if I would draw pictures of what was going on inside of me, what it felt like, it would eventually make me feel better.

Then there are the songs that you had to take a second mortgage out on your sole because you are digging so deep. When I write music outside of Incubus and those two songs you mentioned in particular, they started as just melodies with dispersed lyrics attached. A melody just emerged and lyrics just kind of showed up.

It’s a different way of writing songs, it’s a different kind of challenge, but it’s just as important to allow all of the different ways that music or art wants to come through us. It makes me smile that we’ve had this incredible, mostly unexpected life. He’s got this little kid energy when you put a guitar in his hand.

So what I am showing down here in Miami is basically the fruits of those labors. I do a bit of all of it, but none of it is technically, formally trained. It drives me down some really cool paths and I’ve learned from other artists who do have formal training, who go to art schools and have degrees.

It’s funny because I envy their technique and they envy my untrained eye. One of the mediums calls out more loudly than the others and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have to follow that, whichever voice is screaming the most loudly. I’ll be working on a painting and humming a melody.

It’s really a totally different way of writing songs, it’s fun. It’s certainly been challenging since my process is usually music first, but just as you said, it’s a fun challenge and I find it creates unique melodies because you don’t comprise the melody, since that’s what started the whole thing. We shouldn’t dictate how a song is supposed to be written. Even if it’s pounding out a rhythm on a coffee table. You can write a song in so many different ways, and that’s the most beautiful thing. Speaking of Incubus, 2015 marks a major milestone and accomplishment as its 20 years since your first release of . And feeling like – how the fuck do I know, I’m six! The plan was to come home, immediately record that material and have it out before the holidays. We didn’t have a manager or a record label at the time. Being able to be around those people was huge for us as well. You have a great quote which reads “Happiness balances delicately on the wings of the act of creativity itself, not at the finish line.” I can relate and take that as – the real enjoyment in creating art or music is the act of actually doing it. There’s something that happens when we are involved in our own creative processes.

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It is definitely a long time dream of mine to have the work be seen and be appreciated beyond that. It’s actually harder for me to be taken seriously as an artist in it of itself. When it comes to lyrics and music, you can express emotions in different ways – whether it’s a personal touch or telling a metaphorical story.So we decided to keep writing, and we’re sifting through tons of material, trying to create the best of the best. But we then got this opportunity to work in this incredible creative space. Really quickly songs started to emerge and we saw that a handful of them we really liked and they offered us the opportunity to go out and tour as well. A lot of it also started as simple conversations amongst the band. The second song we played, “I Can’t Explain,” we learned in the trailer. It was cool and the fact that we pulled off made it even more fun. We got to do something similar a few years before with The Pretenders. Like – The ego that most of us identify with, when we’re involved in the creating, that tends to go away temporarily.