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Code 5: Main Configurations (config/Elastic Search.yml). # The default value of the following two is all true.

node.master sets whether the node can be the master, while is a configuration for whether it is a node to store data.

You can add management functionalities, change the analyzer of Lucene, and change the basic transfer module from Netty to Jetty.

The following is a command we use to install plugins for NELO2.

Usually you need to set the two values as true, and if the size of a cluster is big, you should adjust this value by node to configure three types of node.

More details will be explained in the account of topologies configuration later.# It is a timeout value for checking the status of each node in a cluster.

After installing them, visit and and you can see the status of Elastic Search in your Web browser.

You don't need to change configurations when conducting a simple functionality test.

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Since a data model is represented in JSON, both requests and responses are exchanged as JSON documents. Although schema is not defined in advance, JSON documents are automatically indexed when they are transferred. It enables the expansion of functionality through plug-ins, which was further improved in recent 0.90 release.Head and bigdesk, which are found in the first and second lines, are the plugins required for Elastic Search monitoring.It is strongly recommended to install them and check their functionalities.You should set an appropriate value; if the value is too small, nodes may frequently get out of a cluster.

The default value is 3 seconds.# The default value is multicast, but in an actual environment, unicast should be employed due to the possibility of overlapping with other clusters.Here is a link to a one-hour recorded webinar where Clinton Gormley, one of the core Elastic Search developers, explains what's new in Elastic Search 0.90.