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He said to me he knew the smell and said straight away that it was One Stop drain cleaner.'He added: 'I think these acid attacks are worse than knife attacks.'With a knife you might see it coming, but with this you could be walking down the road and someone could be cycling past, splash you and you wouldn't know it's coming.' It is the latest in a long line of appalling acid attacks - branded 'face-melters' by gangs - leaving victims with life-changing and catastrophic injuries.

Teenagers on scooters have started throwing corrosive liquids at delivery drivers so they can steal their mopeds with some staff from Uber Eats and Deliveroo in East London refusing to work at night in case they are attacked.

It was announced yesterday that police are now being provided with acid response kits to tackle the escalating scourge of violence.

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Areas such as the West Midlands and Essex have also seen large rises in the number of incidents – but more than half of the UK's acid attacks take place in the capital.Footage posted online by Chris Lennon showed a topless man pouring water on to his face as he is surrounded by five paramedics as a policeman watches on.Another man was seen sitting on the pavement as he had his blood pressure taken by the medics.Shocking footage of the aftermath shows the men had litres of bottled water poured over them before fire fighters arrived and used their hoses to douse them down.

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One of the victims, Shakwat Hussain, 24, is due to be released from Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford today after being treated overnight at a specialist burns unit.Arthur Collins, ex-boyfriend of The Only Way Is Essex star Ferne Mc Cann, was charged with that attack.

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