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This 'difference' can be using not the same parameters of the prior, using a conditional not a marginal 'initial condition' for the AR(1) model, etc. If there is one tiny difference it will show up in the results, somewhere.It is important to be aware that .theta is defined on the internal scale. return (x) (with a space before “(.)”) is NOT allowed, it must be return(x).2. You can use “_” in variable-names, like log_precision = ; see the following example. - ˆgamma(x) denotes the gamma-function and lgamma(x) is its log (see ? ˆ- ˆx^y is expressed as either x^y or pow(x;y)Instead of defining a prior distribution function, it is possible to provide a table of suitable support values x (internal scale) and the corresponding log-density values y.

The satellite data was shared with me by a relative of a Chinese passenger on MH370.When pressed for the complete logs, Inmarsat and Malaysia both claimed the data had to be released by the other.We now have what we believe is the complete record of communications between airframe 9M-MRO and the Inmarsat satellite network, from March 7, 2014, at UTC, until March 8, 2014, at UTC.In this way, you are comparing the results obtained from the same model.

For smaller models, INLA provide its own MCMC-samplerwhich you can use; see .

With several likelihoods, set link[idx] to family-index which is correct, ie the column number in the response.