Baby mama dating

13-Dec-2020 05:05

Not only was I written up, but my job duties were so significantly decreased that I went from being an office manager to a receptionist.I took my case to the corporate VP of HR, claiming hostile work environment, retaliation for filing an HR complaint, sexual harassment, etc.Just about everyone feels so sorry for Khloe over Tristan Thompson being caught cheating on her. Tristan started dating Khloe while Jordy was still pregnant.But Tristan's ex, Jordan Craig, was pregnant when he started hooking up with Khloe. Now, it appears that he's been running around with multiple other women -- sometimes two at the same time -- during Khloe's very public pregnancy. "Nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others." In other words, she didn't seek vindication through revenge against Khloe.He ignored me and my emails for three months and only responded when I threatened to get a lawyer involved.I was offered a job in a different state (I was looking to relocate anyway, but the offered job was not anywhere near where I was trying to move to), and pretty much told that I could either take the job, take two weeks severance, or quit my whining.

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That would be a fine argument if people were shaming him for hooking up with all of these women.The lovely d-bag that was making the “baby mama” comments now has to attend a two-week sensitivity training course, and had to write me an apology.So, long story short, it almost a year but finally was resolved.(Example: coming in to work early Monday-Thursday to make up for having to come in late Friday because of a prenatal appointment.) I protested when they gave me a formal write-up, and asked to see any documentation that I was ever told any of these things were a problem.

(Company policy requires a verbal reprimand before a written reprimand.) They were unable to present anything.I was called into a 1.5 hour meeting with the local HR rep and the area manager after my complaint.

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