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If classes are cancelled you will receive a full refund.

Withdrawals up to five working days prior to the commencement of a course attract a 75% refund.

She teaches one to one or groups in traditional skills such as knitting, crochet, sewing, applique, mending, remaking.

As part of her community commitment she works with refugee women to develop their income and social connection.

She has more than 20 years experience as a therapist and group worker and believes in the power of groups being transformative.

Tutor - Morgan Libeau Give your daughter the opportunity to learn: to identify unsafe/safe people and situations, ways to resist unwanted/uncomfortable touch, how to use verbal and physical ways to deal with assault/abuse, how to say NO!

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Be inspired and encouraged by the tutor and other learners and go on to become A Knitter!

Phone for further information 376- 3227 xtn 0 or email [email protected] We try to keep our fees reasonable and affordable for those interested in attending our wonderful classes.

Some of our course fees are on a sliding scale to take into account different levels of financial well-being, so that women on a low income can still afford to attend.

in unsafe situations, remain calm, and tell a trusted adult.

A serious subject dealt with in a fun way for girls aged 7-12. Comments from parents/caregivers: "Boosted self and other awareness. Thanks" "Confidence in her ability to deal with 'difficult situations' and more awareness that these exist!Join us for this practical workshop to learn mental, verbal and physical self defence in a supportive environment. Whether you are re-entering the job market after years of putting your career on hold while attending to parenting and family needs or creating a CV for the first time , or if you just want to take the next step, this workshop could be very beneficial. Comments from previous participants: "Excellent prep and support stuff provided for us to take away. " "Fantastic tutor who genuinely wants to see women succeed." Tutor - Claire Virtue Surviving separation after a relationship can bring a range of emotions such as loss, anger, confusion and an invitation towards building a new life.