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15-Jun-2020 05:38

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It’s possible to enjoy sex and sexual activities and not experience sexual attraction. Is it clear where you fit if you’re sometimes sexually attracted to people and you like sex, but don’t feel any drive to seek it out and would be fine without it? It’s meant to be a catch-all for anyone who feels they fall somewhere near asexual on the spectrum between “sexual” and “asexual”.

Is it clear where you fit if you’re not sure what sexual attraction even is, let alone whether or not you’ve felt it? There’s no strict criteria for what makes someone “gray”, there’s no shining dividing line. It’s a bit like the purple spectrum between red and blue.

The ace umbrella encompasses asexuals, as well as people in this gray area.

Some people, known as “gray-asexuals”, experience sexual attraction infrequently or not very strongly or possibly aren’t quite sure whether or not what they experience is sexual attraction.

Aside from that, if you feel like you’re almost asexual, but not quite for some reason, then perhaps gray-asexual would be a better fit.

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Well, if you experience sexual attraction occasionally, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re not asexual.

How long does it take a demisexual to develop sexual attraction after forming the emotional bond? Many demis say that it can take anywhere from months to years to come about. It’s not like there’s a chess timer that starts ticking the moment you meet someone, and if you don’t feel sexually attracted to them by the time the hands go all the way around, you’re not going to. It’s not about what someone does, it’s about what they feel.

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