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It's said the audition tape featured the 25-year-old performing a song from the musical.And it looks like it was impressive enough as he's officially been added into the mix of Aladdin hopefuls!"Happy early birthday to me," Grande captioned a photo of the gift on her Snapchat. While Grande has come a long way since her home videos, the clip made it clear she's been destined for the spotlight since youth.Bio: This famous name of the entertainment industry was born in Haworth.made headlines this week after it was revealed that production was having trouble finding an actor to play the street rat turned prince.Many fans were baffled by this news as there are SEVERAL prominent celebs who'd be perfect for this role.

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Victoria was so excited to run into her former Nickelodeon Victorious co-star that she posted this... Last night, Ariana Grande and so many of her most dedicated fans were met with a completely terrifying tragedy: police are confirming that it was an a bomb that caused the explosion at her concert...