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29-May-2020 17:32

We mourn injustice because God does, and we stand up to justice because God does; in doing so, we bear His image.Kendal currently serves as the Student Ministry Girls’ Associate at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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Yet, if we then ignore the hurting or those in need, or ask them to come to our doors, then we have become like the man in James -25 who forgets his own face.

However, we often exercise the first half of our Matthew 28 commission, and leave the second.

Not only are we called to make disciples and to baptism them, but we are to teach them to obey.

Knowing this, may we walk alongside side our students in fighting injustice and loving others, not because we believe full justice can be achieved now, but because we know it cannot be, we know it will be when Christ comes again.

We must help to remind our students that justice is good, but earthly justice will never be complete.This is an obedience that comes not from obligation, but from adoration.