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11-Apr-2020 01:00

I hear a lot of people suggesting that the 'wait one year' suggestion came from treatment centers but this came straight from two different sponsors (his and hers) who didn't have time to collaborate.Anyway, they did as was suggested and just worked on themselves for the first year. But stop back in and let us know how it works for you. I have to agree with Anthony and the suggetions of others with some recovery in NA.... we sat down and talked and she decided need to take a brake for a bit but still be together. at treatment and her familys they like brain washed her into thinking that coming back to our house we bought and being around me WELL make her relapse. ...hopefully enough to know that recovery needs to come first! I dunno.....if you love the gal,,,and really want recovery...know what to do---ask your sponsor. There is a perspective that you already have picked up. Yeah we both have 34 days now and she really confused me today. she had had just over a year clean before she relapsed and I just a month then... ...ahh,,good to hear you're both connected to the NA program!

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Stay in close contact with HP and if you find your focus going from recovery to this person.... Love ya :) thanks for the share:) As Anthony said, you are going to do whatever you want and we can't stop you. I know for me that even though I've been around NA for ~5 years,,and am now 9months clean (today!

You can't even imagine the transformation that's will take place in your life if you continue to work steps!!! The next twisted co-dependant relationship I got into a scant month later was even worse. Trying to adjust to my new life and trying to adjust to all the changes a new romantic relationship brought was way too much for me. And with someone you know and trust and are BFF's with. Like I said, if I have to give up all my drugs and alcohol, I need to have something to have fun with!! she just got home from treatment and its like they brain washed her in there....

My first year in recovery was a time of HUGE changes in the way that I acted, thought, felt, and perceived the world around me. It feels soooo good to wake up to a warm body who is holding you. and we been fighting hella, and just hit 30days 2 days ago. whats every ones thoughts on if u were in the relationship before recovery. should I leave the almost 4 year relationship or walk away?

For which i have been told recently that that isn't the best idea- The idea to be dating someone in NA in there first year.

He was clean for 7 months before we starting dating again, and a month before we did he relapsed.The following is simply a story, a true story - this isn't a thinly veiled attempt to tell you what I think you should do...okay?