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13-Dec-2019 12:09

Introduced with the i Phone 5 nearly two and a half years ago, Apple’s Lightning connector has stymied the incredible homebrew electronics scene that was previously accustomed to the larger, older, better documented, and more open 30-pin connector.

Now, finally, the protocols inside the Apple Lightning connector have been broken.

During the teardown craze of the i Phone 5 launch, this chip was frequently identified as a Display Port Multiplexer.

It is a mux, but not for Display Port – it’s only to connect the accessory (Lightning) UART, debug UART, baseband, So C, and JTAG.

[Ramtin] uploaded a short video as a proof of concept, you can check that out below.

It’s not complete control of an i Device yet, but this is how all those future exploits will start.tines day why do people hate frogs I like tadpoles Cause frogs are nasty!