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22-Jul-2020 02:08

They sailed for eleven days until they reached turbulent waters with great waves and little light.They thought that they would perish so they turned their boat southward and travelled for twelve days.Quik’s book.) Ancient America was not isolated from the old world as many historians and anthropologists would have us believe.People from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean traveled great distances, mingled with each other and exchanged knowledge and products.Al Masudi wrote: “Some people feel that this ocean is the source of all oceans and in it there have been many strange happenings.

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Roman coins continued in use as currency into the medieval times.When the next day came another tribe appeared, freeing them and informing them that between them and their lands was a journey of two months.” This astonishing historical report not only describes contact between Muslim seamen and the Native people of the Americas, but it also describes travel between islands, probably the Bahamas chain or the Lesser Antilles.When the westerly wind began to blow they were put in a canoe blindfolded, and brought to land after three days sailing.

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They were left on the shore with their hands tied behind their backs.

Adventurers have penetrated it at the risk of their lives, some returning safely, others perishing in the attempt.

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