Amarok updating collection

06-Dec-2020 05:30

Amarok 2 doesn't make it past 70% after 2-3 hours of scannning.

I can see it finishes enumerating the files on disk, but after that it stops spinning the hard-drive and nothing happens for hours.

Now Amarok is a brilliant music jukebox and player and one of its features is that it can use several different types of database to store your music information.

One of the database backends it supports is My SQL.

Het programma Amarok is een populaire audiospeler voor KDE en beschikt over uitgebreide mogelijkheden.

Zo kan je eenvoudig (dynamische) playlists aanmaken, songteksten zoeken op het internet en zonder enige belemmering mp3-tags aanpassen.

UPDATE: there is debate as to whether this increases performance or not, but it's still worth a try. A quick word of warning - this process will involve clearing out your current library, meaning you will lose play counts and other metadata (but not any of your music) from your library when it is recreated in My SQL form.

We're thrilled to be able to take our long association with Magnatune to new heights with the addition of an integrated DRM-free music store with full-length mp3 previews.

Go to Settings Configure Amarok and click on Collection on the left.

Select My SQL under Collection Database and enter the username, password and database name that we set up a moment ago.

So you've got a My SQL database server set up and running and you use Amarok for your music.

You'd think those two things are quite separate from each other and wouldn't really combine right?You do this in the standard My SQL way: Obviously, you'll want to replace amarok Password (not including the quotes - keep them wrapped around your password) with a better password of your choice.

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