Accuracy of early pregnancy dating scans radiocarbon dating before 1950

26-May-2020 14:16

Signs are that it will be an early baby (1/2way engaged, some mucus plug loss etc).

My EDD via my LMP is at 25/09/ first scan at 11wks, gave me a EDD of 18/09/ NT scan 2 weeks later, had my due date at 22/09/09, and my 18-22 wk scan, done at 20 wks, had me at 23/09/09...I can safely say that my bubs is due anytime between the 18th and 25th of Sept....

I usually split the difference and say the 22nd, but with my last 2 bubs, they were both post dates (my youngest being induced at 41wk 3) so Im tipping I could go into October!

I got told by my OB that scans done from about 10 wks onwards will give you an accurate due date, but yeah, 10 days either side of that is pretty much the norm.

I would offer early scans especially when you don't know your dates but when looking at baby's actual birth date to the early scan there is often weeks difference.

I think they come when they come some earlier some later.

For some women there baby is just as baked at 37weeks as someone who is 42weeks pregnant.

Without inductions may women would even go 43-44weeks pregnant.

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My waters spontaneuos ruptured 1 calender month before her due date. She weighed nearly 7pds at birth but she also got jaundice (more common in both preterm and induced babies/i ended up being induced) and feeding issues not uncommon for a preterm baby.

Full term is usually anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks.

The good news is that all babies are born on their birthday Both the dating scans for my boys were out by a week. I think this is more because not every woman has a 40week pregnancy.

She remained about a month 'behind' in her milestones up until 7mths or so where she caught up.

I didn't have an ultrsound until 12wks this baby and it has consistently measured 4-7 days a head in each ultrasound.Just curious to hear people's experiences as to how accurate the EDD you were given at your scans have been....

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