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Includes intense sex with light choking, biting, slapping and spanking, hair holding and grabbing, plus lots of kissing and toys.

Extras disk runs 130 minutes and includes extended sex scenes, photo gallery, outtakes, cast interviews, trailers, and behind-the-scenes treats.

Starring: Lorelei Lee, Beretta James, Maybelline, Mariah Cherry Christmas Special, Jacqueline Woods, Stefani Special, Red, Javier Mommy Is Coming (2013) The blurb: Pioneer filmmaker Cheryl Dunye returns with a sassy, raunchy, romantic sex comedy set in the edgy underground of Berlin where love and taboo affairs collide! When an Occupy protester (Maggie Mayhem) dares to strike back at a brutal cop (Kathryn Dupri), the chase is on. Artfully edited and beautifully explicit, OCCUPIED keeps you guessing from start to stop. Inspired by Madonna’s Justify My Love, the video captures the performer’s unconventional sexualities and gender-bending persuasions in a perverse tango that fluidly shifts from soft love to rough, kinky sex just as easily as the performers switch up turns giving and receiving.

Cute power femme Dylan (Lil Harlow) and studly hotel clerk Claudia (the sexy Papi Coxxx) are suffering from monogamous relationship blues. Officer Dupri soon finds better uses for her baton, and Maggie’s neither passive nor resistant. Starring: Maggie Mayhem, Kathryn Dupri Justify My Jiz (2013) The blurb: Justify My Jiz is a collaboration between Feminist Porn Award’s Boundary Breaker Jiz Lee (The Crash Pad, Mommy is Coming) and Cyber Socket Award-Winning sexual bad boy Wolf Hudson (L. Natural lighting, short hair, tight bare torsos, fishnet stockings and high-heels blend with unconventional sexual acts including cocksucking, rimming, pegging, condomed sex, mutual masturbation, nipple-play, “reverse cowboy,” and a rare view of masculine pleasure that couples well with genderqueer sensuality.

) “It will be fun,” says Lorelei to Beretta, whose curiosity is piqued. Sharing is a utopian fairy tale and a queer reality.

“We’ll talk our way through everything and communicate the whole time.” Lorelei and Beretta watch various episodes, then talk their way through a hot one-on-one educational sex scene, demonstrating how to fist through first-hand experience. A genderqueer feminist porn film featuring a gorgeous threesome Occupied (2013) The blurb: A new short film from award-winning ethical porn producer Shine Louise Houston, OCCUPIED is a hardcore romance for the 99%.

The taxi driver (Syd Blackovich) gets down and dirty in the front seat with a beautiful patron (Justine Joli). Starring Zoe | Justine Joli | Madison Young | Syd Blakovich | Jiz Lee | Sir Sterling Therapy (2011) The blurb: Enter the minds of seven gorgeous women, as they share their feelings, fears, and fantasies on the therapist's couch in ten arousing solo masturbation scenes.

Note: I started this page in 2006 when there weren't very many authentic lesbian films to list. I have expanded this category page and created several new pages based on the work of individual directors. Shine Louise Houston and Pink and White Productions San-Francisco based Shine hit the ground running with The Crash Pad and hasn't looked back.I've also include films that identify as queer and genderqueer, not just lesbian. Indie dyke films with great narratives and hot sex.

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