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02-Dec-2020 05:28

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For example, you might suggest that your child read a certain number of leveled, independent books in a month (leveled books are books that your child can read independently or with only a little help), or you might set a goal of reading an interesting chapter book with your child.

Make a countdown and cross out each book or chapter, respectively, until you reach your goal.

Harassing the students over report card grades isn’t going to boost their confidence.

Struggling readers need to know what they’re doing right, not just their mistakes.

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Your child’s education is not a private matter that excludes your child. He or she needs to know what’s going on; otherwise, it’s a lost opportunity for learning self-advocacy.When it comes to reading, bear in mind that when something is difficult and doesn’t come easy, you generally just flat out don’t want to do it! When you read aloud or have a program such as an i Pad app that reads books aloud (call it old-fashioned, but a real human reading to children is better), your child has the opportunity to focus on the meaning of the words and content.What makes struggling readers even more anxious about reading is the pressure they’re getting both at school and at home to learn to read. They develop background knowledge and it allows them to use their imagination.In the process, it is important to recognize their many strengths and accomplishments in spite of their weaknesses in decoding, spelling or handwriting.

I want parents to know that preparing their children to deal with their disability can inspire confidence and enable them to look forward to a proud future in which they understand their disability as well as their strengths, self-advocating for their unique learning style. Maybe he can draw beautifully or has an amazing vocabulary.

A child who is struggling with reading will not get on grade level overnight.