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28-Jun-2020 10:33

Practically all single marriage oriented singles have already signed up. We have a history of great results because we aren’t afraid to set priorities and differentiate ourselves. We are an Indian dating website focusing on long-term relationships Unlike others, our system aims at converting an acquaintance into a real date and a long-term relationship.

We structure our membership plan for people who are serious about dating, filtering anyone else out.

You can enter the website using either your Facebook account or email.

Facebook represents a safe login option and there's no further interaction between the sites, i.e.

Users register for their Basic membership free of charge to learn about the features and see how lively the site is.

Once the Basic membership expires, users are asked to pay a small fee.

That kind of service only suits extroverts and people looking for a fast fling.… We endorse a fair and innovative approach to running a website by offering you a unique look into our "backstage", inviting you to witness our website's life cycle: 1st Phase: Preparation of the website We spent almost 2 years programming and preparing our website.

It was a very demanding stage in terms of financial costs.

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A pompous entrée isn’t our style, so we didn’t make this a big deal.

none of your activity on the website is visible on Facebook.